Canopy is proud to represent more than 100 individual artists and vintage dealers in our shop.  Here is the list of who you can find here now!

Adam Jaenke Photography:

Alan Dunn Mixed Media

Alan’s Signs (Alan Giberson):

Alichu Studios (Alison Stojkov-Wilson)

Alison Scarpulla Photography:

Amber Esner Illustration:

Amy Peck Textiles

Angela Oster Watercolor/Illustration:

August Antoinette Illustration:

Bed Head (Maria Smith)

Beth Kelly Textiles

Bob Peck Painting/Graffiti Art:

Brandon Davis Photography:

Brooke Figer Fine Art:

Kitschy Koo Park (Bunny Hudson) Vintage Resale

Buttcoffin (Brad Pierce) Painting and Drawing:

Cassandra Jerman Illustration and Sculpture:

Chris Nelson Mixed Media:

Christophe Kochheiser Mixed Media:

CLE Colectiv Hand Printing:

Cory D. Pearlers

Crochet Til Death (Ashley Ross):

The Sign Guy (Crow) Mixed Media:

Dan Malone T-Shirt Designs

Disco Emporium (Lauren Feighan) Vintage Resale:

Domenic Fiorello Studio Woodworking:

Emma Shepard Author

Erin Costello Handmade Jewelry

Erin Elizabeth Wehrenberg Author:

Evelyn Taylor Designs Ceramics:

Forest City Portage Handmade Bags:

Gabby Cryer Collage

Genevieve Weaves (Genevieve Smith)

Neil Wetzel Laser Cut Jewelry

Grammar (Sarah Abend) Ceramic Jewelry:

Gypsy Moth (Rochelle Beres) Handmade Jewelry and Vintage Resale

Haley Morris Mixed Media:

Herald Martin Photography

HJT Ceramics

Holden Bell Jewelry and Sculpture

Jake Hatmaker Printmaking:

Jake Kelly Illustration:

Janet Luken Handmade Jewelry:

Jaqueline DelBrocco Fine Art:

Jean Stojkov Glass

Jed Collins:

Jill Collins Printmaking

JKM Soy Candles:

Jodi Lynn Doodles:

Joe Stuczynski Photography, Candle Making:

John G. Illustration:

Jordan Castro Author:

Jordan Wong Graphic Design:

Just Curious (Brittany Barnhart) Graphic Design:

Justin Michael Will Mixed Media:

Kaleigh Maglionico Jewelry

Katy Kosman Illustration:

Laura Wimbels Photography, Jewelry:

Lauren HB Ceramics:

Leah P. Stern Author

Lizzee Solomon Mixed Media:

Mallory Whitten Author:

Matt O’Reilly Illustration, Acrylic:

All Spelled Out (Maureen Koopman) Graphic Design:

Megann Galehouse Handmade Cards:

Melissa McClelland Textiles:

Micaela Colleen Barrett Watercolor

Michelle Janosky Ceramics:

Mike Chattem Mixed Media:

Mike Sobeck Photo Realism:

Mike Solomon Handmade Jewelry:

Nancy Luken Mixed Media:

Nazier Lytle Design:

Nick Bresler Graphic Design:

Olive and Green (Libby Tracey) Handmade Jewelry

Paper Club Greeting Cards:

Pat Jenkins Mixed Media

Phoebe Thomas Illustration:

Rick Sans Mixed Media, Graphic Design:

Rita Cabral Painting, Illustration:

River’s End Jewelry

Rob Benigno Illustration:

Rob Musser Fine Art:

Ryan Kral Photography

Sam Wandtke Mixed Media

Sarah Pierce Illustration

Sawhorse Woodworks

Sergio Andujar Graphic Design:

Skip Streeter Fused Glass:

Spare Parts Arts

Squirrel Tacos (Casey Lynch) Hand Cut Paper:

Stanton’s Handmade Candles, Body Products:

Starglyphs Collectables Mid-Century Furniture and Curiosities:

Steve Simmons Mixed Media:

Toni Capponi Vintage (Karry Hatch)

Tiny Erica Jewelry (Erica Montejo):

Todd Feichtmeier Photography

Two Foxes Taxidermy

Vagabond Comics:

Venus in Aquarius Apothecary:

Victor Melaragno Illustration and Mixed Media

Waterstem Fired and Printed (Abbey Blake):

Wayne Sherman T-Shirt Design

Zora Patton:

Zygote Press Print Making, Letter Press: