Canopy is proud to represent more than 100 individual artists and vintage dealers in our shop.  Here is the list of who you can find here now!

Aaron Gelston Illustration

Adam Jaenke Photography:

Alan Dunn Mixed Media

Alan’s Signs (Alan Giberson):

Alichu Studios (Alison Stojkov-Wilson)

Alison Scarpulla Photography:

Aly Dodds Design

Amber Esner Illustration:

Amy Hawk Textiles

Angela Oster Watercolor/Illustration:

August Antoinette Illustration:

Bed Head (Maria Smith)

Beth Kelly Textiles

Bob Peck Painting/Graffiti Art:

Brandon Davis Photography:

Brooke Figer Fine Art:

Buttcoffin (Brad Pierce) Painting and Drawing:

Cassandra Jerman Illustration and Sculpture:

Chris Nelson Mixed Media:

Christophe Kochheiser Mixed Media:

CLE Colectiv Hand Printing:

Cory D. Pearlers

Crochet Til Death (Ashley Ross):

The Sign Guy (Crow) Mixed Media:

Dan Malone T-Shirt Designs

Disco Emporium (Lauren Feighan) Vintage Resale:

Domenic Fiorello Studio Woodworking:

e.f. ceramics (Eliza Fernand)

Emma Shepard Author

Erin Costello Handmade Jewelry

Erin Elizabeth Wehrenberg Author:

Evelyn Taylor Designs Ceramics:

Forest City Portage Handmade Bags:

Gabby Cryer Collage

Genevieve Weaves (Genevieve Smith)

Neil Wetzel Laser Cut Jewelry

Grammar (Sarah Abend) Ceramic Jewelry:

Gypsy Moth (Rochelle Beres) Handmade Jewelry and Vintage Resale

Haley Morris Mixed Media:

Herald Martin Photography

HJT Ceramics

Holden Bell Jewelry and Sculpture

Jake Hatmaker Printmaking:

Jake Kelly Illustration:

Janet Luken Handmade Jewelry:

Jaqueline DelBrocco Fine Art:

Jean Stojkov Glass

Jed Collins:

Jill Collins Printmaking

JKM Soy Candles:

Jodi Lynn Doodles:

Joe Stuczynski Photography, Candle Making:

John G. Illustration:

Jordan Castro Author:

Jordan Wong Graphic Design:

Just Curious (Brittany Barnhart) Graphic Design:

Justin Michael Will Mixed Media:

Kaleigh Maglionico Jewelry

Katy Kosman Illustration:

Laura Wimbels Photography, Jewelry:

Lauren HB Ceramics:

Leah P. Stern Author

Lizzee Solomon Mixed Media:

Mallory Whitten Author:

Matt O’Reilly Illustration, Acrylic:

All Spelled Out (Maureen Koopman) Graphic Design:

Megann Galehouse Handmade Cards:

Melissa McClelland Textiles:

Micaela Colleen Barrett Watercolor

Michelle Janosky Ceramics:

Mike Chattem Mixed Media:

Mike Sobeck Photo Realism:

Mike Solomon Handmade Jewelry:

Monster House Press Small Independent Press

Nancy Luken Mixed Media:

Nazier Lytle Design:

Nick Bresler Graphic Design:

Olive and Green (Libby Tracey) Handmade Jewelry

Paper Club Greeting Cards:

Pat Jenkins Mixed Media

Phoebe Thomas Illustration:

Rebecca Dickinson Illustration

Rick Sans Mixed Media, Graphic Design:

Rita Cabral Painting, Illustration:

River’s End Jewelry

Rob Benigno Illustration:

Rob Musser Fine Art:

Ryan Kral Photography

Sam Wandtke Mixed Media

Sarah Pierce Illustration

Sawhorse Woodworks

Sergio Andujar Graphic Design:

Skip Streeter Fused Glass:

Spare Parts Arts

Squirrel Tacos (Casey Lynch) Hand Cut Paper:

Stanton’s Handmade Candles, Body Products:

Starglyphs Collectables Mid-Century Furniture and Curiosities:

Steve Simmons Mixed Media:

Toni Capponi Vintage (Karry Hatch)

Tiny Erica Jewelry (Erica Montejo):

Todd Feichtmeier Photography

Two Foxes Taxidermy

Vagabond Comics:

Venus in Aquarius Apothecary:

Victor Melaragno Illustration and Mixed Media

Waterstem Fired and Printed (Abbey Blake):

Wayne Sherman T-Shirt Design

Zora Patton:

Zygote Press Print Making, Letter Press: