Canopy Presents: The Artwork of James Quarles

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James Quarles is a local Cleveland artist who loves painting, print making and graphic design. He went to Shaker heights High School, and graduated under the teaching of Mr. Keaf Holiday and Mr. Dan Whitely. After enrolling in CCAD (Columbus College of Art and Design), James began on a path focused on graphic design. However by junior year he changed his focus to fine arts. Using what he had learned in design classes to draft, stylize, and construct his compositions. Making his portfolio diverse and harmonious. Social commentary, poetry, street art, hip-hop, music, pop-culture all show in his work.

After graduating from CCAD he returned to Cleveland with pursuits of freelance graphic design, clothing design, and music. Showing at local galleries, bars, and coffee shops around the city. This show shows James range of fine art and graphic skills to show portrait, illustration, and mixed media. Pieces on pop culture and social disorder alike are covered in for a show you’ll surely enjoy.

Featuring guest DJ A Live
Refreshments provied.

Opening Night: Friday, May 12th, 6:00pm-10:00pm
Show on view through May 28th
Flyer by Jordan Wong

James Quarles Solo Exhibition Poster-03

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