Gallery Opening Recap: Matthew Gallagher

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While we’re still relatively ‘green’ when it comes to hosting fine art gallery shows, we were lucky enough to work with quickly rising Cleveland artist, Matthew Gallagher.  At once professional, determined, gentle, and patient, Matthew brings a glowing presence not only through his artwork but in himself.

Matthew created 40 new works for his opening at Canopy, a mix of his experimental techniques, including Solvent Drawings (ink and ethanol) and Magnetic Field Paintings (ferrous acrylic).  While these works can certainly stand on their own, they are an impressive collection to view all at once.  In sequence, they almost appear to tell a story, or at least communicate some type of evolution.  Knowing what we do about Matthew’s processes, experiments, and sincere interest in expanding his creative expressions, that evolution seems to, on a smaller scale, mimic the trajectory of his artistic career.

To a certain degree, especially concerning the Solvent Drawings, Matthew must have had to forfeit at least some creative control over the end product.  Working with the chemical combination he created, it seems as if the concept of each piece could be conceived, and then guided, but ultimately, the reaction taking place would have a ‘life of its own’, so to speak.  I believe the ability to release that control is a major factor in Matthew’s ability to produce such incredible work.

Keep an eye on Matthew Gallagher.  He is determined to make a sizable impact on the art world in Cleveland and beyond, and he has the skill and drive to get there.

Some pieces from Matthew’s show are still available in the Canopy Store, come by to see for yourself!

Matthew Gallagher Opening


All photo credit: Josh Usmani


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