GIRLFRIENDS: An All Women’s Group Show

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To celebrate Women’s History Month, Canopy will host it’s first ever all-women’s group show:


Opening Reception Friday, March 10th, 6:00-10:00pm.

Free and open to the public.
GIRLFRIENDS is a celebration of the strong bonds created between women and the importance of those friendships throughout our lives. While opposite sex friendships are also important, there is something very special about having dependable, intimate friendships between women.

Participating Artists:

Micaela Colleen Barrett
Evelyn Taylor Bonner
Erin Costello
Jacqueline DelBrocco
Amber Esner
Brooke Figer
Karry Hatch
Erika Jaenke
Michelle Janosky
Casey Lynch
Haley Morris
Jill Nosse
Ali Phillips
Julie Schabel
Bert Self
Sara Starrfield
Phoebe Thomas
Rachael Tweed
Erin Elizabeth Wehrenberg
Mallory Whitten

Refreshments will be available!

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