Opening Recap: Grace Frank – Foodies

As it neared 6:00pm on Friday, everything seemed to fall in to place just so.  All of the hard work that goes in to putting on an art show was about to pay off in a big way. Grace had spent months planning, painting her pieces, cutting paper for her masks, pouring every bit of time she had into completing a truly intimidating task: a solo art show.

At Canopy, we spent the weeks leading up to the show making and distributing fliers, hand painting signs, furiously cleaning, talking old friends in to fixing one of our toilets (thanks, Corey!), running around buying supplies, and managing social media accounts and word of mouth to make sure as many people as possible would see Grace’s show.

It’s not just because we own an art gallery that we put all of this work in.  The work that happens on our end happens very much in a way that is focused on the outcome being the best possible it could be for the artist.  Grace worked so hard to accomplish something very real and special, and it’s all we can do to try and match her, to make the space deserving of showing her art.

When the clock hits 6:00 on the nights of our gallery openings, things start to feel so magical.  Familiar and unfamiliar faces alike, coming through the front doors of Canopy, bring such beautiful energy and light in to this space.  Nothing in this world compares to sharing artistic energy, love, and passion with a group of people who are there to do the same.

We are honored to have hosted Grace Frank, and are proud to say that every piece aside from one sold that night.  The people in this city make us melt at those moments, showing such strong love and support for one another, showing people that their time and effort is worth it.  All of you lucky people who purchased her work get to enjoy it for a lifetime, and with it comes the memories of the night, and the spirit of Grace.

Thank you to everyone who came, thank you to everyone who contributed their time and/or energy to make the show happen, and for those of you who missed it, we’ll see you next time!


Erika and Anthony

PS–Check out Grace’s next show! This Saturday, June 27th.  More info here!


Featured Image Photo Credit: Adam Jaenke

Color Photo Credit: Anthony Koch

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