Thank You #2

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This particular “thank you” needs a bit of back story, which is cool because now I get to share a bit of how Canopy came to be.

Back in the Fall of 2014, Anthony and I got involved with a group of 10 people total, to discuss the possibility of starting a large non-profit entity to promote arts and music in our community.  We wanted to have a show space that could also function as a gallery, studio spaces, practice spaces, a wood shop and screen printing shop, and a big ol’ white board to keep us all in check.

After a few meetings with the group, we began looking for spaces that could potentially work for what we had in mind.  Ultimately, we couldn’t figure out a solution to the issue of bands practicing in the same space where artists were trying to paint/draw/etc., so we broke off and went in our own direction.

With Anthony and I came Adam Jaenke, Lisa P., and Chris Weth.  Anthony and I were developing a more specific vision for what we wanted to accomplish, and knew that without the insight and input from our incredibly talented friends, we might just miss the mark.  Adam, Lisa and Chris spent hours with us over beer, food, sometimes nothing, helping guide our vision in to what is has become today.

Opening a business is hard.  No matter who you are, what kind of business it is, it’s stressful, unpredictable and teaches you a LOT about who you are, especially the things that aren’t so great about yourself.  In addition to helping us through the creative idea phase, Adam, Lisa and Chris were also instrumental in keeping us sane through the process of getting Canopy up and running.

Adam is also responsible for the beautiful product photographs on our website, as well as photos from events we’ve had so far.  Lisa always has an ear available for venting, followed by a hug and sincere reassurance that you’re not going to lose your mind.  Chris ALWAYS makes you laugh and at the same time offers a very practical point of view.

Without these three, Canopy might not be here at all, so we owe them enormous thanks for having faith that Anthony and I wouldn’t mess this up :)  We love you guys, and are incredibly grateful to have you in our lives.




Chris Weth


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