The First of Many Thanks

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Every time someone walks in to our store and compliments our hard work and how beautiful it turns out, my response is the same: We had a LOT of help. We truly could not have done this on our own, and even if we did, it wouldn’t hold the very special energy that it does.

I’ll be writing a series of posts to say THANK YOU to all of the amazing people who gave us their time, spirit, insight, love, care, concern, and passion because they believe we are doing something worthwhile.

This first THANK YOU post goes to our incredible friends, Adam and John, who operate as Starglyphs Collectables, the Bus Boutique, and the Modfellows. I met them years ago while working at the Root Cafe in Lakewood. Aside from being two of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, they also had impeccable taste in design. Over the years I have known them, any space they have designed has been stunning and certainly memorable. After Anthony and I learned that would soon be signing our lease, Adam and John were the first people we talked to.

The passion these two have for the old and the interesting is contagious. They meticulously research pieces and can rattle off that information readily. Unlike many collectors, their philosophy is much more Buddhist in nature–one of letting things go. Unless a piece has true sentimental value, they hold on to it briefly, and let it move on to its next owner with comfortable ease.

Not only did they agree to furnish our shop, they also spent many hours with us, moving things a few inches here and there, standing in silence trying to figure out if we “got it right”. Every time I get those wonderful comments about how tastefully our shop is set up, I am grateful to know Adam and John, and that they see value in our project.

So here’s a huge THANK YOU to Adam and John, for being incredible people, and for being so wonderful to us.




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