The Softest of Openings

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Sorry for the misleading title boys, but this little blurb is going to be about the soft opening we held last night. It was crazy. Not crazy like a bullfight or a GG Allin show but crazy like, in my brain. Erika and I have been talking about this project for quite a while now and through all of it’s changes, potential partners and our bickering back and forth about moving things over an inch this way or a half in that way, it’s finally here. It’s right here and I’m typing in it right this second, watching out the window as people walk by and gaze at the beautiful artwork and then at me, typing.

For me, having an idea in my brain is something that is often hard to get out, especially in a manner that is exactly, or even close to how my inner vision sees it.  But this is different. I couldn’t have done it alone but I guess not doing it alone is what this is all about. It’s about collaborating, sharing ideas and finding parts of inspiration in brains other than your own, piecing them together and making something that everyone can enjoy. It’s like the intelligence explosion, without all the technology to swallow ourselves whole. It’s about friends and strangers coming together and just doing it. I slightly digress…

When friends, peers and people I look up to for a million different reasons came into Canopy last night and said things like “this place is comfortable” or “it reminds me of home” I couldn’t have been happier. This was the vision we had in our heads the entire time: comfortable and inviting. But listen, I’m not here to tell anyone how to feel, I’m just relaying some quotes that I heard and some feelings that I have.

If you want to come see for yourself, come check out the Grand Opening tomorrow, May 1st and make your own decisions. See you soon!

<3 Anthony

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