The Canopy Gallery not only houses our resident artists, it is also a large communal space for a wide variety of events and classes.  In addition to those that we plan and set up, you can also host your own event in our space. Fill out our Contact Form if you have something in mind!



We will host bi-monthly gallery openings for solo artists. The shows will open on a Friday evening and be available for viewing for the weekend. Any art that does not sell during the show will be available for purchase in the Canopy Store for the following four to six weeks.



The 1090 Club is an epicenter of creativity that you can be involved in. From expressive painting, to tango dancing, to children’s art, we offer classes in many different artistic disciplines for people of all ages and skill levels.



Similarly to classes, we host a wide variety of events spanning the creative arts. It is a passion of ours to expose as many people as we can to the incredible world of artistic endeavors. We will be hosting readings from celebrated authors, film screenings from local production companies, and small-scale theater productions, among other things.



One of the greatest things about the 1090 Club is making it your own. If you have an event in mind that you just need the perfect home for, it’s very possible that ours is the one!  Get in touch to set up a viewing.