Presented by Canopy and Light Leaked, Tall Tales: An Investigative Look into the Surreal is a juried exhibition that features lens-based media (photography and video) that depicts altered and deceptive reality. From optical illusions to visual surprises, artists demonstrate their mastery over light and perspecitve in tricking the minds eye.

Show Hours:
Thursday, December 3rd, 5:00-9:00p
(During the Ohio City Holiday Hop:

Friday, December 4th, 6:00-10:00p

The show will include a gallery exhibition as well as video installation and a continuously rolling slideshow of works from 30+ artists around the globe.

Online reception of exhibition December 4 on Light Leaked:

Artists Exhibiting in the Gallery:

Allison Jarek
Ashley Whitt
Rachel Jump
Molly Lamb
Kalee Appleton
Laura Tyler
Ann Mansolino
Megan Major
Heather Ross
Annie Donovan
Jesse Koechling
John Steck Jr.
Amelia Maslen
Heidi Clapp-Temple
Jacob Koestler
Aaron Brandt
Anna Tararova
Marcy Palmer

Artists additionally included on Light Leaked:

Bree Lamb
Sara Hill
Marta Wlusek
Maddalena Arcelloni
Camilo Ramirez
Maha Alasaker
Lindsay McCormick

Flyer image: ‘Shrouded in Lace’ by Ashley Whitt; Dass Transfer and Thread on Paper

Flyer design: Jordan Wong

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