September 11th – Cozy Up! Collective Zine Show

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Cozy Up! Collective is pleased to present SHOW FOUR (ZINE SHOW), the fourth exhibition in a continual DIY-based group series inspired by the bond of creative collaboration.The opening will be held September 11th, from 6-10 pm at Canopy !!!!!!

Featured Artists include:

Vice Versa Press
Christophe Kochheiser
Tuesday Bassen
Phoebe Thomas
Jay Croft
John G. 
Christopher Corsi 
Justin Will
Amber Esner
Katy Kosman
The Sad Ghost Club
Katie Parland
Magida El-Kassis
Nancy Mungcal
Patu Phan
Shayna Stebbins
Rachel Katstaller
Blair Roberts
Joe Lanzilotta
Madeleine Toth
Hilary Bovay“SHOW FOUR (ZINE SHOW)” will be a ONE NIGHT ONLY EVENT, so be there or be sorry for the rest of your life.

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Twitter @CozyUpCo

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